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The goal of the USJF Community Support is to creatively raise funds, promote and increase access to quality judo, and expand the judo community.

We believe in mutual welfare and benefit, and Judo in the United States has reached a critical point, whether it be financial needs due to the current Novel Corona Virus, student retention, using technology to teach Judo or marketing through online platforms. USJF is committed to the continued growth of each person, each club, and each Yudanshakai as we take steps into the new future of Judo. As we embark on this journey together, we hope you will join us, as your contributions will set the stage and foundation to build upon.

We have created special opportunities for our judoka to learn from wonderful, world-class instructors. Careful consideration has gone into the planning of classes, to ensure all needs will be met. There are and will continue to be classes for kids and adults, competitors and non-competitors, kata enthusiasts and so on. Your desire to learn coupled with the volunteer time of the instructors will help us through this difficult moment and ensure we come out stronger in the end.  

The classes offered will be online with a recommended donation of $20 per class. This of course is up to the individual and is only a recommendation. The amount donated is entirely up to you. The money received from each contribution will be used to immediately aid those in need. This is an opportunity for all of us to come together as a community, to hold each other up and truly live the teachings of Kano.

Krista Tsutsui

Krista is from the Fresno Judo Club in Fresno, California and used to be a member of the Fowler Judo Club.  Her favorite technique is Ippon Seoi Nage and she loves sharing judo with her students and meeting new people through the sport.  Fun fact: Krista is a novice yogi.


Bryce Oishi

Bryce is from the Taishi Judo Club in Carson, California but he has also spent time leading the UCSD judo club and assists with the City College of San Francisco judo class.  Osoto Gari is his favorite technique and the best part of the sport, in his opinion, is the people in the judo community.  Fun fact: He loves to go camping, hiking, and scuba diving.


Josh Kindelberger

Josh is the head instructor of Mushin Judo in Boise, Idaho.  He has too many favorite techniques to choose from but Uki Goshi and Harai Tsurikomi Ashi are amongst his top choices.  The thing he loves most about judo is “seeing the moment in someone when they realize they are able to do what they believed to be impossible.”  Fun fact: Josh plays bass in a punk rock band.

Julia Tsutsui

Julia is from the Fresno Judo Club in Fresno, California and used to be a member of the Fowler Judo Club and Fresno State Judo Club.  Her favorite technique is Osoto Gari and she loves doing judo with her friends and family.  Fun fact: Julia is also a ballet and jazz dancer.

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